CFO & Controller Services

Scale Finance offers veteran Chief Financial Officer, Senior Controller or Accountant support on a part-time, interim, or special project basis (e.g. bankruptcies, restructurings, accounting system integration, sales tax, clean-up). Our clients benefit from getting exactly the right level of professional experience and impact – when they need it and at just the right weekly time commitment (e.g. couple hours per month to 3 – 5 days per week).

Our CFOs and Controllers work on-site with clients, elbows deep in processes, procedures, systems, and people issues. Not “outsourced”, Scale Finance services are actually “insourced”, reflecting our commitment to work seamlessly within client organizations on a low-cost, fractional-use basis. We often leverage our Accounting Managers or Senior Accountants, also embedded part-time within client organizations, to ensure the right accounting work is done by the right skill set at lowest possible cost. Free initial consultations – allow us to provide a confidential, professional perspective on your company’s situation.

Advantages include:

  • Veteran, heavyweight CFO – impact at strategic level, extraordinary experience
  • Flexible – dial-up or down as needed for maximum leverage
  • Hands-on, 100% on-site with clients – roll-up sleeves, get-it-done projects
  • Solutions – e.g. Senior Controller 2-5 hours/week and Accountant 1-3 days/week makes for powerful, low-cost solution will all required skills and the utmost control
  • Integrated – e.g. strong CFO or Controller support is often critical in raising capital or navigating an M&A transaction
  • Unparalleled cost-effectiveness – based on shared resource structure and maximum leverage of accountant-level support.

Standard CFO/Controller Deliverables

We are trusted partners providing financial leadership and support on-site day-to-day with our clients. The following functions should be occurring at your company now and are the deliverables you can expect from our CFOs and Controllers:

Financial Reporting

  • Accurate and timely monthly financial reporting that is “bank ready”
  • Accurate and timely regulatory reporting
  • Highlighting performance metrics via “dashboards”
  • Managing SEC compliance/reporting requirements.

Planning & Analysis

  • Formal business valuations (and insight into what drives value)
  • Rigorous financial modeling and planning
  • Detailed budgets and forecasts
  • Performance analysis and benchmarking
  • Development of strategic plans with deep understanding of underlying economics.

Finance/Accounting Oversight

  • Cash management, e.g. 13-week forward cash flow forecast
  • Oversight and training of existing and new Company accounting personnel
  • Management of customer credit, payment history, and risk profile
  • Oversight of administrative areas such as purchasing, invoicing, and personnel
  • Re-financings, capital raises, and mergers/acquisitions.

Systems & Processes

  • Implementing stronger internal controls and systems to ensure disciplined monthly closing cycles
  • Transitioning to new accounting software
  • Oversight and management of information systems.

Trusted Financial Advisors

  • Strategic knowledge and insight
  • Compensation planning and management option plans
  • Review of financially important contracts and terms
  • Key senior management team member, yet independent and unbiased
  • Transition planning.

Lenders & Investors

  • Preparing and negotiating loan packages
  • Serving as Company CFO for investor relations, external marketing (e.g. management team on website).

Project Management

  • Conducting financial due diligence around deals
  • Fast clean-up of problem situations.