Innovative Solar Solutions Acquires Solar Water Pumping Division of Conergy, Inc.

Charlotte Company Continues to Fulfill Goals by Expanding
Sustainable Solutions to Current and Future Solar Customers

Charlotte, N.C. – Jan. 21, 2010 – Innovative Solar Solutions, a leading distributor and manufacturer of solar energy equipment for government, business, agricultural and home use and Scale Finance client, has announced the acquisition of Conergy’s solar water-pumping division including its line of solar water pumps, originally developed by Dankoff Solar Products. In the agreement finalized early this year, Innovative Solar Solutions will bring back the original Dankoff Solar Pumps TM trade name and will manufacture solar water pumps and power panels from manufacturing facilities in Charlotte, N.C., and Santa Fe, N.M.

“Our acquisition of Conergy’s solar water pumping division complements our strategy to focus on solutions for the reliable delivery of drinking water and irrigation in addition to the energy and cost savings from solar power,” said Erik Lensch, president and CEO of Innovative Solar Solutions. “The Dankoff line of surface pumps has a strong track record of quality going back to the introduction of SlowpumpTM in 1982. We plan to continue and further develop that tradition.”

Ideal for remote locations with little or no access to consistent and reliable power, solar water pumps are designed to provide from 0.5 gallons-per-minute and up to 70 gallons-per-minute and can supply enough water for agriculture, farming, irrigation village and remote water supply needs.

In addition to growing Innovative Solar Solutions’ focus on the domestic off-grid market, this extension allows the company to expand more rapidly into providing water-pumping solutions for developing countries in Africa, Asia and Central/South America. “There has been a recent trend by distributors of solar equipment to focus on grid-tied systems and move away from off-grid systems,” said Lensch. “Innovative Solar Solutions is filling this void in the market by offering great products and expertise in off-grid solutions for our customers.”

To support the new venture, Innovative Solar Solutions has enlisted the help of Windy Dankoff, the developer of Dankoff Solar Pumps. “I am happy to know that my old product line will get a fresh breath of life,” said Dankoff. “Innovative Solar Solutions is well reputed in solar water pumping and is already experienced with the Dankoff line. I look forward to supporting them in their transition.”

Matt Leimbach, former production manager of Conergy’s pump division, will continue in that role under Innovative Solar Solutions’ ownership. The production facility will remain at the Santa Fe location, allowing minimal interruption to production and delivery.

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Innovative Solar Solutions, based in Charlotte, N.C., is a leading distributor and manufacturer of solar energy equipment for government, business, agricultural and home use. The company’s customers include commercial, industrial, residential, municipal, and governments worldwide. To learn more information about Innovative Solar Solutions and its new pumping division visit or

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Conergy designs, manufactures, installs and finances solar photovoltaic solutions for major commercial sectors, public agencies, businesses and homeowners through two distinct channels. Conergy’s Projects Group focuses on custom solutions for large-scale, energy-intensive enterprises; Conergy’s Distribution Group serves a national network of installers, developers and dealers in the grid-tied and off-grid residential realm, while also addressing the needs of small commercial markets. With ten years’ global expertise and more than 20 years operating in the US market, Conergy has successfully deployed projects totaling over 1.25 Gigawatt of renewable energy capacity around the world – including a full Gigawatt in innovative solar PV solutions. With operations in 14 countries over 4 continents, Conergy is helping drive the world’s burgeoning clean energy economy. Learn more at

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