IntePoint Closes Senior Debt Facility with Scale Finance Support

IntePoint ( is a Charlotte-based leading provider of innovative simulation and visualization solutions. The fast growing company was formed in 2003 by a group of specialists that apply research to applications for government and commercial enterprises. Through a relationship with the University of North Carolina, IntePoint employs the latest advances in Intelligent Information Systems, Agent-based Modeling and Geo-spatial Knowledge Management.

Scale Finance has provided part-time Senior Controller and Staff Accountant services for IntePoint since 2009 and recently managed a process to seek an appropriate and affordable senior credit facility with consideration to partnering with either a commercial bank or specialty finance firm. Fifth Third Bank is providing the loan which will support working capital and the ongoing growth of the company.

Mark Armstrong, Founder & CEO of IntePoint commented, “Scale Finance worked hard to consider all possible debt financing opportunities available to us in the current market, and efficiently helped tee up an optimal partnership with Fifth Third.”

IntePoint’s unique capabilities provide transparency of complex dependencies to mitigate risk, manage consequences and maximize opportunities.

IntePoint’s patented technology uniquely captures the various factors that impact performance — including physical and social networks, systems, applications and infrastructure. Sophisticated graphic techniques allow users to view the impact of events as they cascade across their networks.

The IntePoint “Vu suite” provides decision support for a wide range of business processes. Solutions enable users to probe alternatives scenarios and enhance transparency to better mitigate risk and derive plans in a world of complex cascading impact. In other words, IntePoint Vu helps translate data into visual intelligence for actionable analyses.

Within the suite, advanced technologies allow relationships and characteristics to be inferred. This means insight can be gained in ambiguous environments, ones without complete information. Incremental intelligence may be derived as more granular detail is added, but the inflection point of effort is driven by the situation rather than the system. As in the real world, analyses span modes, from physical to social networks, users to applications, infrastructure to systems.