SF Client F-Origin Closes Follow-on Financing

F-Origin Inc., a highly innovative provider of force based touch screen solutions for medium and large screen sizes based on its zTouch™ technology recently closed on its first tranche of its Series D-2 financing of $700,000. Total amount to be raised is expected to be $1,700,000 with the new funding being raised from existing investors. The Company expects to complete this financing by the summer of 2011.

This new funding continues to support the Company’s aggressive efforts to push its differentiated solutions into the global market place. Continued progress has been made in expanding F-Origin’s market opportunity into new areas such as high-end appliance solutions, medical devices, traditional POS type devices, outdoor applications and very large size displays that require higher performance in core touchscreen capabilities.

F-Origin CEO, Anders Molne, noted, “with this strong statement of support by our existing investors, the Company will be able to continue to more aggressively pursue new markets which will provide far greater revenue opportunities than simply relying on traditional POS solutions. Potential customers are now seeking F-Origin out for its innovative touch screen and touchpad technology solutions on the basis of both low cost and durability. These advantages make the F-Origin offerings very compelling in the marketplace. The F-Origin team and its current investors are bullish on prospects over the next few years and look forward to meeting these challenges."

F-Origin’s technology delivers:

  • Increased marketability from devices that deliver intuitive and intelligent touch & gesture interfaces
  • Clear, obvious and unique product benefits, thereby enhancing the perceived value of the final product
  • Significant cost reduction for touchscreen and touchpad based products versus competing solutions
  • Greater device design flexibility and lower device maintenance and replacement costs through material, shape and implementation flexibility and durability
  • Product characteristics of high end touch screen technologies at a competitive price

Scale Finance has been providing CFO support services to the Company for over 3 years and supported the Company’s efforts in securing the new capital.